Sessions Features

  • Available in English and German
  • x1 90 Minute sessions
  • Recordings available in customer area
  • LIVE Q & A

Live Forex Trading –
Pro Trader –
Single Session

This 90 minute LIVE Forex trading session gives you the opportunity to trade, gain professional insights and Q & A in a LIVE trading room. This is an offspring of the PRO TRADER program open to all.

Learning Outcomes

  • Live interaction with a professional trader on market analysis and trade planning;
  • Live application of trading strategies on Real Time market data with guidance and instruction of a professional trader;
  • Learn live effective routines of market approach and analysis by following a pro trader;
  • Follow a professional trader analysing low risk/high reward trades;
  • Access and apply live different trading strategies with a pro trader according to different market conditions;
  • Follow our professional traders every step of their way in approaching and analysing the Forex market;
  • Plan, analyse and execute profitable trades and profit from the experience of our professional traders;
  • Become a member of a profession trading community to master the daily challenges of the markets.