Seminar Features

  • Available in English and German
  • 1 Day program
  • Minimum of 8 participants
  • Maximum of 14 participants
  • Time and dates available depending on event and location

Live Trading Seminars –
Power Trader –
One Day Intensive

This is an intense one day Forex trading seminar for *traders who are interested in expanding their trading knowledge and want CONSISTENT success in profitable trading. The LIVE seminar includes advanced Forex trading strategies usually not available to retail traders. The most valuable trading strategies are found here.

*Trading experience required to participate and receive highest value

Learning Outcomes

  • Plan, analyse and execute profitable trades and profit from the experience of our professional traders;
  • Learn how to build high performance strategies and apply to different market conditions;
  • Learn how institutions apply Risk-, Trade- and Money management;
  • Learn where institutions enter and exit the markets with low risk/high reward trades based on institutional supply and demand levels;
  • Learn how to use indicators in combination with institutional supply and demand levels for complete and high probability trading strategies;
  • Be ready to master the market with a knowledge that is not available in conventional industry literature.